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PUTSCH Vertical Panel Saws                                                                                                         CONTACT US:   Email:
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The Putsch® SVP series of Vertical Panel Saws are among the most robust, flexible and precise vertical saws in the world. Every saw is constructed with a reinforced steel frame that is secure, stable and resists vibration for cuts that are accurate to.004 of an inch (1/10th of a mm).

Every Putsch Meniconi vertical panel saw sold in North America is backed by a 2 year factory warranty.   Plus, we provide original parts and service for each Putsch® vertical panel saw.

Our Putsch Meniconi SVP series of wood saws are even more flexible; capable of processing not only wood-based panels like solid wood, plywood, melamine, acoustic tiles and countertops l, but also composite and sandwich materials such as Alucobond®, Etalbond®, Corian®, Plexiglas, insulating panels and Masonite.

Vertical panel saws save precious floor space, offer safer material handling when compared to horizontal table saws, and offer the flexibility to cut a variety of flat panel materials with precision


The SVP 133 Space Saver offers a powerful cutting solution with a highly compact frame that can fit in almost any workshop. Sharing the same 5 hp motor of our larger SVP 133 model, the 5’ 3” x 8”2” cutting area can process standard sized sheets with ease without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Download the complete Putsch Vertical Panel Saw brochure

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MODEL 133/145

This model features an automatically shifting frame that aligns the cutting channels with the saw blade to prevent damage to the support surface.

Standard Equipment Includes:

Powerful, Self-Braking 5 hp Motor
Integrated Dust Exhauster with Collection Bag
Retractable Middle Support Rail
One Panel Stop
Four Reference Stops for Horizontal Cuts

Download the complete Putsch Vertical Panel Saw brochure

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MODEL SVP 320/420

The Putsch® Models SVP 320 and SVP 420 are the perfect combination of technology and compact design; marrying the space-conserving frames of our SVP 133 (SVP 320) and the SVP 145 (SVP 420) with the solutions and features from our premium model, the Putsch® SVP 980. The saw also features an ergonomically designed saw head assembly.

A key feature is the linear guide rail system that precisely and smoothly guides the saw carriage. The saw beam features a built-in guide for higher cutting accuracy, and the guides are easily replaceable if damaged or worn.

The Putsch® SVP 320 and SVP 420 are available with an optional depth-stop to regulate the cutting depth which is an essential feature for v-grooving applications. The depth-stop is located directly at the saw power drive for fast and easy depth setting.

The independently motorized scorer that comes standard is easy to maintain and extremely reliable. The motor is automatically activated during the plunging of the saw blade and disengages when the blade is not actively cutting.

The SVP 420 is also available as an automatic model that offers automated horizontal and vertical cuts. This is possible once the dimensions have been manually set.

Download the complete Putsch Vertical Panel Saw brochure
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